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Tuesday, May 20, 2003
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Best Night Life Cities Part One
Night Life List Part Two
Da list is cities I have visited and partied in enough to judge its night life.
Some criteria that I give extra weight:
1. Concentration of night life in one area.
2. Amount of night life in relation to the size of the city.
3. How attractive and charming it is and how well the city is laid out.

The list is not in order but from my comments you can get a measure of how they stack up.

What are your city suggestions? Dispute cities on my list? Have anything to to add? Rank them.
After suggestions are in I will be ranking them in order.

1. Manhattan NYC - This city has a LOT of EVERYTHING. No matter what your flavor you will find it here (unless it's dueling pianos, I haven't been able to find that). The night life is distributed far and wide so you don't have to go very far to find a few places. The one short coming of Manhattan night life is concentration. The Avenue street grid just isn't conducive for bar concentration, zoning laws probably also play a role. The Village has a high concentration and most of it is off the street grid system so it can get pretty hoppin.
Upside- Last call 4:00 am!!!

2. London, England - The Pubs close to early but you can find Night Clubs if you know where to look. Leister Square is pretty hopping and you don't have to crawl far in Soho to do an extensive pub crawl.

3. Tampa, FL - Ybor City is the place to be, this night life district is pretty impressive. I was there for Gasparilla, Tampa's Pirate festival it's like Mardi Gras for pirates. There is a main drag lined by bars and clubs. Lots of hot girls and it's an attractive modern city.

4. Las Vegas, NV - This is the city that should be "The City that Never Sleeps" and "The City of Lights". People come from far and wide to indulge in all kinds of sin. Sure to be a good time.

5. Dublin, Ireland - They start drinking early, you have too because most the pubs close early. Temple Bar district gets it going but if you can believe this they need more bars there. On a weekend many of the bars get full. Night clubs and live music places stay open late and Irish folk/rock is grand like.

6. Memphis, TN - Beale street is famed and it has really stuck to it's roots. It is lined with authentic jaz bars and seedy rock-n-roll dives. It hasn't sold out to chains or to the MTV version of Spring Break partying that so many other places have done. It might not be for everyone if you like the whole MTV style party/Clubbing scene but I liked it.

7. Milwaukee, WI - The land of the domestic brewskie. The area near the water front was happening. The number of bars was kind of weak but the ones they had were huge high capacity joints. They were also close together so it had that cool nightlife vibe going on.

8. Key West, FL - Margarittaville!!! This is a relaxing place with good clean air. It is the only place that I like to hear Jimmy Buffet. Duval Street give you a nice feeling of history.

9. Miami South Beach - I never really took part in the nightlife scene when I was there but I saw some of it. Florida State was playing for the National Championship so I stayed in to watch the game. There were a lot of noizy drunk people outside my hotel on the street so the night life scene must have been pretty good.

10. Montreal - I like the sidewalk restaurants. Accidentally wondered into the gay nightlife district and I wondered my way out real quick. It's been many years since I was there and want to go back, now that I have more places to compare it too.

11. Oklahoma City - I was completely suprised by how good the nightlife scene was here. And it wasn't Country Line Dancing and Cowboy bars. The cool area is called the BrickYard. It was lively and had a good mix of regular bars and dance clubs. The crowd was young and there were good looking girl a plenty.

12. Portsmouth, NH - Big night life for a small city. The nightlife district is compact and concentrated making it easy to do a pub crawl. It's also in a picturesque NH Town along the water. Drawback: The bars close at 1:00 am.

13. New Orleans - When I was there it was HOT. I was too worn out by walking around in the heat all day to truly hit the night scene so I need to go back and redo Bourban Street at a later hour.

14. Amsterdam - I don't even smoke the stuff they smoke their and I still had a fantastic time. There were three nightlife areas and they were all good. I even watched NFL football with a group of Americans I met at a sports bar. Drawback: if your not carefull you can fall in a canal.

15. Atlanta, GA - The Area called Buckhead on the weekend is the Mecca of nightlife district. The area is crawling with a young crowd going to the many bars and dance clubs in the concentrated area. In another part of Atlanta is where a lot of the upscale night clubs are and that area gets it going too. Drawback: during the week the nightlife has a huge drop off.

16. Cork, Ireland - This is a college town is Southern Ireland. I was there during graduation and some kind of Party week so maybe it was extra crazy or maybe they are always like that. but I saw a lot of drunks barfing in the street.

17. Hoboken, NJ - Hoboken has the most bars per square mile in the USA. That in itself is impressive.
Here is a description I found:

Hoboken has been called the “Datona Beach of New Jersey" because of its thriving and sometimes noisy club scene. In the words of an elderly woman testifying before the City Council, "I moved here to retire in a quiet place, and now I live at the crossroads of hell."

The Nightlife area is fairly concentrated. The happy hour drink specials are great. The crowd is young and the hot girl percentage is high.

18. Orlando, FL - Church Street Station. It's fun but too much like Disney World and seems to planned.

19. Morgantown, WV - High concentration of good looking girls and bars. Great happy hour free food specials. The bar district is downtown. Drawback: Almost half the bars are dominated by young college kids.

20. Portland, ME - Suprising big night life for a small city with no major college. Night life is pretty happening on a weekend but too many fatties. Has a charming quality.

21. Nashville, TN - This city has a nice music flavor, I was there on a weeknight and the downtown night life area was still rather good. I liked it there, it was laid back and fit my groove.


21. Madison, WI - I love the Boot.

22. Daytona Beach - Drinking at a tiki bar on the beach is fantastic.

23. Boston - Nightlife scene is spread out. The areas of concentration aren't large enough but Fanual Hall area seems to be growing.
Drawback: Subway shuts down way to early.